Foxwood High School


Former Members of Staff


Here is a list of former staff members up until around 1982. If anyone has any other names or can fill in the blanks feel free to contact me. click on a name to view a photo (if available)

Date of Service   Department   Date of Service   Department
1959-72 Mr S Appleby Science   1964-69 Mr R Ackroyd Science
1977- C Ashcroft Home Economics   1976- M Atkinson Personal Education
1961-69 Mr K Ashcroft Science   1973- Mrs P Atkinson 6th Form Secretary
1971 J Barron Modern Language Department   1956-51 & 64-71 Ms J Ballance School Secretary
1958-64 Mr J Brocklehurst Deputy Head   1956-65 Mr L Bell Art
1959-65 Mr J Beckett Technical Studies   1965-81 Mr F Benton Workshop Technician
1961-68 Mr M Barrand English   1964-73 Mr J Burns Geography
1960-69 Mr D Bucktrout Art   1956- Mr P Bacon Head Technical Studies Dept
1968- A Bell Head of Personal Education   1973- J Bedford Secretary
1972- Mr C Burgon Head Of History   1973- L Barnes Motor Vehicle Studies
1972- Mr I Blakeley Deputy Head of 5th Form   1960-69 Mr D Clark Technical Studies
1960-77 Mr J R Cocker Head Of  Upper School   1958-80 Mr C Cantral Commerce
1975-80 Mr J Callaghan English/Art   1972-80 Ms E Crimson English
1975-81 Mrs T Corcoran English   1967-79 Mr J Collinson Mathematics
1956-62 Mr D Caton Technical Studies   1959-68 Mr L Cooper Science / Chemistry
1966-78 Ms J Crossfield Matron   1974- D Clark Senior Tutor 6th Form
1966- P Chapman Deputy Head 6th Form   1962- J Clayton Computer Studies
1977- Mr D Cliff Geography   1972- Mrs J Cliff Head Of Biology
1972- J Clamp Head Of English   1968- M Cooper Lab Technician
1964-70 Mr N Davies History   1968-78 Mr R Dale History
1970-78 Mr G Davy Art   1961-72 Mr M Dack English
1963-69 Mr J Davies Physical Education   1969-74 Mr J Dockray Physical Education
1960-69 Mr P Dixon Physical Education   1961-70 Mrs P Dyson Secretary
1972- Mr B Dalgleish Education Advice   1975- Mr S Deighton Director of 6th Form Studies
1977- P Desroy (Hardwick) Biology   1975- A Drizi Deputy Head 6th Form
1965- B Dykes Modern Languages   1972- S Edwards Art
1974- Mr D Emmett Head Of Woodwork   1969- M Enderby General Office
1968-74 Mr J Foster Mathematics   1961-69 Mr D Farnsworth Modern Language
1968-81 Mr M Fisher Technical Studies   1972- P Foster Home Liason Officer
1963- Mr G Ferris Head Of Art Department        
1960-68 Mr M Gough Technical Studies   1960-81 Mr A Gerhold Geography
1967- A Garnett Head Of 4th Year   1974- Mrs J Glew Senior Tutor 6th Form
1977- L Gostick Deputy Head 4th Form   1960-66 Mr G Harrison Science
1971- Miss B S Hudson Geography        
1960-67 Mr E Hearfield Mathematics   1956-65 Mr P Hamilton Modern Language
1968-73 Mr E Hammonds Technical Studies   1958-73 Mr A Hoyle Art & Crafts
1958-74 Mr J Hartley Physical Education   1971- S Hallsworth Head Of Chemistry
  Mr Hicks English   1972- Mrs Hicks (Mitchell) Maths
1974 C Heaton Head Of Home Management   1960-66 Mr T Jones History
1958-63 Mr R Jones Art   1967-73 Mr M Johnson Modern Language
1980- Mr G Jinks Metalwork        
1966-74 Mr S Jennings Art     V Jaquiss Music
1966- J Heald Deputy Head   1977- A Hornby Mathematics
1972- D Kennedy Deputy Head   1963-78 Mr A Kennedy English
  C Knoffler Drama        
1966-74 Mr W Kinghorn Music   1968-73 Mr W Kay Mathematics
1959-66 Mr D Lenton English   1958-63 Mr G Lyall Mathematics
1961- B Lake Hostels   1962-77 Mr R Mainds Geography
1967-72 Mr D Mason Technical Studies   1972-80 Mr S Meyer English
1973-80 Ms J Mills Commerce   1970-79 Ms Y Mason Bursar
1970- M Mainds Reading Support   1975- A Martinson Deputy Head Foundation Year
        - 1972 Mr D Maltby PE        
1972- S Moore Home Economics   1966-71 Mr D Newsham Science
1972- E Needham Head of Science   1970-81 Ms J Norman Deputy Head
  Mr Norman Maths        
1958-74 Mr J Naylor Deputy Head   1974- M Neat Religious Education
1973- B Parry Geography   1958-69 Mr B Parry English
1979 Miss E Passman English        
1956-57 Mr A Procter Head of Lower School   1963-70 Mr M Porter Geography
1975-80 Ms S Philips English   1960-66 Mr E Page Music
1959-65 Mr G Paget History   1973-82 Mr P Pengelly Science
  J Player Head of 5th Year   1971-76 Ms C Rhodes English
1961-68 Mr N Richardson Science   1970-80 Mr D Richardson Modern Languages
1959-81 Mr J Rose Technical Studies   1956-66 Mr M R Rowlands Head teacher
1963- Mr I Rowe Education Advice/ Latin / French   1976- R Rickwood Deputy Head
1976- C Richardson Head of Commerce   1977- A Roberts Workshop Technician
1976- Mr R Ruszczynski Counsellor   1973-80 Ms M Shaw Home Economics
1974-80 Mrs E Shaw English   1962-80 Ms R Scott Lab Technician
1971-78 Mr B Smith Geography   1958-64 Mr G Smith Science
1963-71 Mr K Schofield English   1964-71 Mr I Slater English
1971- Mrs P Senior (Tasker) English        
1962-70 Mr P Simms Modern Languages   1976- H Seatle Councillor
1965- D Stocks Head of P.E   1966- C Smith Art
1972- G Shepherd Head Of Technical Science   1971- M Schofield Biology
1967- R Spooner Head Teacher   1977 J Stockton Hostels
1956- B Scott Head Of Careers / History   1958- S Sunter Senior Technician
        -1970 Mr I Thorpe P E        
1961-67 Mr M Talbot P E   1968-79 Mr J Timson Mathematics
1963-80 Mr D Turton Deputy Head   1973- B Thomas Councillor
1970-75 Mr A Upton History   1972- Mrs B Upton Bursar
1961-66 Mr D Venvell English   1960-73 Mr D Webster Lab Technician
1956-58 Mr Walsh Latin     Mr T Webster Drama
1960-73 Mr J West Deputy Head of Upper School / English   1956-61 Mr C West English
1974-76 L Willoughby          
1969-74 Mr J Whittaker Modern Language   1973-82 Mr S Williams English
1958-65 Mr D Wilkinson English   1971-77 Mr D Wilde Engineering Science
1958-72 Mr D White Science   1966-76 Mr J Wilkes Educational Advicer
1973-79 Mrs C Winfield Mathematics   1961-68 Mr H Wood Mathematics
1973- E Walker 5th Form Secretary   1965- Mr R Wood Head of Mathematics
1968- Mr R Woodcraft Head Of Modern Language   1973- R Wallis Head Of P E
1971- B Williams Counsellor   1971- S Williams P E
1960- J Wilson Technical Studies   1973- P Williams (Heffernan) Head of Home Economics
1973- S Wyman Language Department   1971- A Young Head of Foundation Year
1957-63 Mr D Young Modern Languages        



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